Les Comes | 4×4 Iberian King

The future days 27, 28 and 29 March 2020 are the dates chosen to host the race of Les Comes.

Introduction to Iberian King 4×4

Belonging to the Iberian King 4×4competition. This will be the first of five tests to date. An inaugural event with which a bold and intense competition will begin, which will steel one of the most extreme sports to multiple enclaves of the Iberian Peninsula throughout this year 2020.

Characterized by extreme toughness and demand, The Iberian King presents itself as one of the off-road challenges of greater relevance and importance, both within the national and international territory. However, far from being frightened, there are several teams that have decided to face this adventure… As the days run until the start of the test, you can get to know and glimpse who will be the protagonists and proper names of this dizzying event.

All set for Les Comes 2020

Less than two months from the beginning of it, from the organization they begin to work on polishing and finalizing the details. In fact, a series of facts about the test are already known, such as the program and itinerary that will occupy the pilots and teams throughout the three days of the race. This will be comprised of a prologue, during which both the participants and their vehicles will be able to make contact with the terrain and go testing sensations. After this prologue will take place the different tests and races that comprise the competition, during them we can see how drivers and cars overcome insurmountable obstacles and dominate the steepest terrain, delighting all those who love the extreme and the world of 4×4.

After hundreds of kilometers on the indomitable land of “Les Comes”, and with vehicles and equipment recovering from a feat of such caliber. The awards ceremony will take place, a ceremony in which those brave ones who have managed to finish the test will be rewarded, and in which the tremendous effort and determination demonstrated throughout the competition will be recognized.

How could it be otherwise and not to cease with the atmosphere of jubilation and joy lived through three frantic days full of exciting careers. The event will end with a farewell party, in which we can all enjoy a pleasant evening surrounded by those who share a passion that day after day attracts more people to the “Iberian King” family.


Les Comes, located in the Cardener Valley, next to Suria, a town in the province of Barcelona. It is defined as a “unique and exclusive” space. A private estate that has more than 70 kilometers of forest tracks and 550 hectares of land, prepared and equipped with all the technical elements and the necessary human equipment for the proper development of events like ours. Undoubtedly an excellent and ideal enclave to host this inaugural event. As we have already said, the professionalism and the great space that the organization has put at our disposal, has made that at no time have we doubted with regard to fixing this location and opting for this location.

In addition, this test comes after a great event, which will undoubtedly leave a very good taste in the audience. Les Comes 4×4 Festival, which will focus on 13, 14 and 15 March on more than 1300 vehicles and more than 15,000 vehicles. Consolidated as the largest active 4×4 vehicle meeting in Europe, a clear example of the importance and popularity of this place.

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